buy now pay later ps3It is the most anticipated piece of hardware in the gaming history. It includes the heritage of the PS1 and the PS2 and brings the all new excitements of the most realistic gaming experiences. The PS3 is much more than a game console. It is a complete media computer on one small package. It  can play movies, music and photographs as conveniently as it plays games. The PS3 excels in games. One thing to be noticed while playing games on the PS3 is the amazing realism which comes hardware inside it. There are two things inside the PS3 that make it so powerful; the first is the Cell Processor. On the chip Is the main CPU. It’s a power PC. It runs at 3.2 GHz and has a 512 kHz cache. This processor is itself very powerful and fully capable to handle and play video games, but there are more helpers available to help it in its functions. Attached to the processor are eight ‘Risk Processors’ that are capable of doing Vector Arithmetic. These are known as SPE’s i.e. Synergistic Processing Elements. Each of these have two 256Kb ram of its own to hold Code and data. The programmer can run different code on each SPE. Six of them handle whatever processing  the programmer requires. One of them handles OS specific tasks like security and one is spare. Together all of this processing power gives PS3 about 4 times more CPU power than the PS2 had.

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During a hyper realistic game of PS3, behind the scenes there are lots of computations going on simultaneously. One of the SPE may be handling the sound for the scenes, another may be involved with motion of the animated characters, another may be working with the shadows and another calculating the physics of the different destructions and other happenings of the scenes. The data from all of these SPE’s feeds to an incredibly powerful graphic processor. The graphic processor has 256GB of ram and 550 MHz clock. It has 64 times more memory than the PS2 had and the clock is about four times faster i.e. it can draw millions of images per seconds at a very high resolution.

The realism in some of the games played on the PS3 is amazing. When one gets tired of playing games the PS3 is just getting started. This is the PS3 one needs. It’s just like a media console. With the PS3 one can watch movies with both DVD’s and the new blue ray high depth disks. The blue ray disks play at extremely high resolution with spectacular clarity. Not only this CD’s can be used and MP3’s can be downloaded to listen to music. The MP3 files are stored on the PS3’s internal hard drive.

Photos on a memory card of a Camera can be watched on the PS3. The PS3 recognizes common image formats and can display photo individually or as a slide show. A mouse and a keyboard can be plugged into the PS3 and internet browsing can be done at very high resolution. The PS3 can be multitasked i.e. while doing any of your creative work one can listen to back ground music.

The PS3 is a gigantic home entertainment system. It’s not just another gaming system for hyper active father and sons but is as much a grown up selection of Electronic devices that can power entire home theatre. The one possible downside is that the PlayStation 3 can be quite expensive. So what’s the option? Luckily buy now pay later PS3 offers are available. This literally means that you don’t need to worry about payment today. Just order from the recommended company above and choose the buy now pay later finance offer to benefit. You can start enjoying your PlayStation 3 straight away and not have to pay the cost back for a full 12 months!